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Benefits of using the services of a mobile notary in DC & Maryland

It does not matter if you live far away in a remote location, being a mobile notary near you, we will come to where you are and perform the notarial act you are in need of. Whatever time of day or night, we are available to assist.

Fraud Prevention
Fraud is quite prevalent and being duped could lead to heavy losses. That is why is it important to hire the services of Certified Mobile Notary in DC & Maryland. We will make sure that any potential fraud is averted by ensuring that signatures are signed on original documents and not on photocopies or forged ones. It is the job of a mobile notary to make sure that the identities of the signers are established. We will also confirm that whoever is signing the document is doing so of their own free will and are not being coerced or threatened.

As a mobile notary in DC, we will save you time and money that you could have otherwise spent on traveling to see a notary in DC or Maryland. We are flexible enough to come to your home, your workplace or hospital. You do need to take time off work to go see a notary as we will come to you. If you have fallen ill and still require our services, we will come see you. Our working hours are flexible to fit around your schedule.

Make Entering into Contractual Agreements Easier
Enlisting the services of a mobile notary makes entering into contracts a smooth and flawless process. A mobile notary will ensure the following: they are present when the contract is being signed, the document is signed in all the right places, the signatures are authentic, the person signing the document is the one whose name appears on the contract.

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