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Emergency Mobile Notary Services - When You Need a Notary in a Rush

Emergency Notary Services

DMV Notary Mobile offers 24/7 emergency notary services. In emergency situations, it is vital that the notary service you choose is professional, accurate, and efficient. DMV Notary Mobile is all three.

Hospital Emergencies


Trips to the hospital are always stressful. DMV Notary Mobile’s main goal in these situations is to help alleviate that stress. As a mobile notary in Maryland and Washington DC, we can notarize any number of healthcare forms and legal documents.

In some cases, the signer is physically unable to produce a proper signature. There are two different instances that require special attention by the notary.

  • Signing by mark – “Signing by mark” is used when the signer cannot sign his or her name due to a physical disability, but is able to place an “X” or similar mark on the document in place of a signature. Signed-N-Sealed is able to accept these marks as signatures and notarize the document.

  • Signing by proxy –In cases where the signer is physically unable to sign by writing or making a mark, the name of the individual may be signed by another individual other than the notary public at the direction and in the presence of the individual whose name is to be signed and in the presence of the notary public.

Airport Emergencies



In an effort to protect children from being kidnapped, some countries have implemented special policies for “One Parent – Minor Child” traveling situations. If you are traveling outside of the United States, airline personnel or a customs agent may ask for a letter from the parent not present stating that they are aware and give their permission for the other parent to be traveling alone with the minor child.  While the US does not require documentation, other countries do (especially Canada.)  Unfortunately, the airlines are not very effective at communicating this information to the parent prior to the day of the flight, and without the proper documentation, they will not allow the parent and child to board the plane.

As a mobile notary in Maryland and Washington DC, we can travel to you at the airport and save you time and the headache. If you find yourself in this situation, call us immediately so that we can put a plan into action.  You will need at least 2 hours before your plane takes off to get the appropriate documentation to the airline.  This will take coordination between our professional mobile notary, your child’s other parent and the airline.

Regardless of your emergency, DMV Notary Mobile’s mobile notary service is on the job in DC and Maryland.  When you need us, Call/text 202-826-8179 or email us.

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