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Can't find a Notary Public? We'll come to you!

“How do I find a notary that can notarize my Will here in DC?”

Notarize Will

Notarize Will

“I live in Washington, DC and I can't find a notary to notarize my Will; I've been to banks and a UPS store - all of them have no notaries on staff. Where do I go to find a notary who IS able to do it?”

Can't find a Notary Public? We'll come to you!

Traveling Notary

Traveling Notary

When you are unable to find a notary, we can come to you. There are many reasons that you may require a notary to attend your home, office, hospital, school, etc. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Convenience

  • A document requires the signature of multiple parties and it is difficult to have everyone attend a local notary office

  • You don't have the time to travel a notary

  • You are in a hospital and require a notary at the hospital

  • you cannot travel due to a disability or lack of transportation

  • You find it more convenient to have a notary attend your office or home

If you are unable to travel to a notary, it may help looking for a mobile notary that comes to you. Call (202) 826-8179 to get a quote quickly and a fast response.

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