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Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary in DC Maryland and Virginia

Mobile Notary Services in DC Maryland & Virginia

Mobile Notary Services in DC Maryland & Virginia

Benefits of a Mobile Notary

Fraud can be widespread when executing some documents, but it’s preventable when you have a notary public present at the time of signing. The notary public will require signatories to prove their identities and check the documents for certain details, as well as ensure that people aren’t signing due to threats or intimidation. However, having to head to an off-site location for notarization can be a hassle. Consider using a mobile notary public, like DMV Notary Mobile which offers several benefits to all involved parties.

More Efficient Transactions

Transportation can be time consuming and traffic in DC is frustrating in congested areas. Instead of spending travel time to an office or other location, you can have a mobile notary public visit you at a location of your choosing. Your time is valuable and better spent on personal or professional tasks – not in gridlock traffic during rush hour. Plus, mobile notary services can work on your schedule. Where some offices may be closed in the evening or on weekends, you can make arrangements for an after-hours visit with a notary professional that travels to your location.

Eliminate Location Limitations

All parties must be present when signing certain documents and a notary public must verify identity, both of which can be difficult under certain circumstances. A mobile notary public is an ideal option. For instance, transportation can be tough for the elderly or bed-ridden individuals who want to execute estate planning documents or powers of attorney. Mobile notary services can travel to an assisted living center or hospital to make the notarization easier and more convenient.

Traveling Notary Services

Traveling Notary Services

Reasonable Cost

The cost of a mobile notary may vary depending on state law, as different jurisdictions have a maximum fee that professionals can charge for their services. When you’re dealing with a mobile notary, you can expect a charge for travel time and/or mileage. However, you should always consider the value of your time: You might spend much less for a mobile notary public as compared to the money you lose from missed business opportunities.

Notarizing documents doesn’t have to involve the headaches of transportation and traffic when you use mobile notary services that come to you. These professionals maintain the same credentials and training as any notary public, so you’ll still be avoiding fraud and properly executing your documents. Of course, you should always choose the right notary services to suit your needs, so look for a mobile notary public that provides premium customer support and professionalism.

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