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Need a Mobile Notary for a Jail or Prison?

Notarizing Power of Attorney in Jail or Prison

Mobile Notary DC

Mobile Notary DC

The most commonly notarized documents to be signed in a jail or prison are title documents to cars, release forms or power of attorney documents. Please be advised that a Notary may not draft or give advice on documents unless they are authorized to do so by also being an Attorney, or in a legal support profession that is authorized to give legal advice.

If you need a mobile notary service that will travel to a jail or prison to help notarize documents for an inmate, we can help. We travel throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Many banks have their own power of Attorney forms. So, please be sure you are having the inmate sign the correct power of attorney that will be acceptable to your bank or whomever the document custodian is.

As always, please consult an Attorney before you decide which type of legal document to use, or draft a legal document such as a Power of Attorney.

If you need a notary that comes to you, call us at (202) 826-8179 or get a quote here.